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I am a Ph.D student in Computer Sciences at UW-Madison, advised by Prof. Michael Gleicher . My research interests are in human-robot interaction.

Previously, I obtained my M.S.E. in Robotics at Johns Hopkins University, where I was supervised by Prof. Chien-Ming Huang . I received my B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from South China University of Technology.


  • Understanding Control Frames in Multi-Camera Robot Telemanipulation

    Praveena, P. Molina, L., Wang, Y. , Senft, E., Mutlu, B., and Gleicher, M. (HRI'22)    [PDF]    [Presentation]

    We investigate the effects of using multiple view-specific control frames in a multi-camera interface on task performance and user experience during robot telemanipulation.

  • See What I See: Enabling User-Centric Robotic Assistance Using First-Person Demonstrations

    Wang, Y. , Ajaykumar, G., and Huang, C.-M. (HRI'20)    [PDF]    [Presentation]

    We explore how first-person demonstrations may capture natural behavioral preferences for task performance and how they can be utilized to enable user-centric robotic assistance in human-robot collaborative assembly tasks.

  • A Reverse CAD Approach for Estimating Geometric and Mechanical Behavior of 3D Printed Parts

    Rupal, B.*, Mostafa, K.*, Wang, Y.* , and Qureshi, A.J. (Procedia Manufacturing)    [PDF]

    This project presents a novel algorithm, which is capable of converting the sliced file back to a CAD model which is capable of providing an accurate assessment of the geometric and mechanical behavior of the printed part as it also incorporates the effect of slicing parameters.

*Equal Contribution

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